Shira - Creative Women Enterprise
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Hello, my name is Shira Stallworth, also known as, “Lavish”.  I am success! God has blessed me with wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to create successful programs for individuals that work!  I am multi-talented.  I come from a hard-working family that punched the clock every day to provide a safe home and living environment for my siblings and I.  My family, values, and faith has led to much of my success today and thus far.

I was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  My mother worked as a Registered Nurse for one of the local hospitals and my father was a hard-working forklift driver for a labor company in town.  I’ve always loved helping people, sharing, and caring for those who were less fortunate than I.  Even though I came from a middle class family, I still counted my blessings every single day.  My inspiration came from watching and being nurtured by strong, powerful, Christian women.  Their life left a powerful influence on my life and the person that I have become today.  Because of them, I am Lavish!

Lavish is a name that was given to me by God when he spoke to me one day through the Holy Spirit and said, “I will use you to bring glory to my name! I am a God of the living!  I live in the land of plenty! Poverty is not of my kingdom! I will cause you to become fruitful and multiply!”  I knew from that day forward that I came from a land of the living and not death.

Lavish stands for the Land of the Living, Kingdom Royalty, and Prosperity!  Deuteronomy 8:18 says, “You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”  From receiving that revelation from the Holy Spirit, my name changed.  I began to create a vision of providing hope, strength, and resources to individuals that needed help.  In me doing so, I suddenly realized that people began to recite testimonies of how they had connected to my ministry or organization and has truly understood their calling and purpose in life. They have found a relationship with Christ and became blessed.

In 2002, my mother who is now Apostle Sandra Stallworth of End Time Ministries International prophesied to me that I will be an anointed Prophetess, Preacher, Praise & Worship Leader, Gospel Rapper, Author, and so much more.  During that time, I just wanted more of God.  She began to tell me to step out on faith and allow the Lord to use me, and this is what I did! I began to create the environment that God wanted me to have.  My music career took off first with me producing my own Christian label named Triple L Entertainment which stands for “The Land of the Living by Lavish”.  I was able to produce my own gospel music albums and later create my own TV show named, “The Lavish Show!”.  The Lavish Show creates a television experience like non-other. The show incorporates entrepreneurs, real testimonials, and live on-spot recordings. I finally realized, “I became my own entrepreneur”.  I am now a renowned writer, musician, educator, leader, entrepreneur, and most of all a respected “Proverbs 31” woman. A woman doing her own thing bringing glory to God!  I became my own industry and those who have helped me along the way were my angels.  We became a team building a dream.  We are Creative Women Enterprises.

I believe that music is a voice that provides a bridge of healing to many nations.  My music spreads the love and message of Jesus Christ.  Lavish music brings the power of love and a deeper connection with God to a Secular and Non-Secular world today.

I am a member of End Time Ministries International, whereas, I am

the Youth Pastor with mother Apostle Sandra Stallworth of Gautier, MS.  The Lord allowed me to launch a ministry of my own named “The Feet of Jesus Ministry” that provides clothes, food, and resources to the less fortunate.  I have been privileged enough to work with children and the youth in my community by providing positive activities and educational resources.  I have also been fortunate to help leaders and organizations develop policies and educational goals for children and families.  My ministry is an outreach ministry providing funding, clothing, and food to Christian leaders and ministries overseas trying to minimize the hunger in Africa and in India. My purpose & mission for this is to help strengthen families, support impoverished communities, and provide a higher standard of living by practicing Christian principles. Quote “If you don’t care, no one does,” My main goal is to build a resource center that provides self-sufficiency programs for individuals that will build their self-worth, restore their character, and provide them with the proper essentials for living to carry out their goals.  This organization stands against poverty and serves as a liaison to families that are stricken by poverty’s deadly grip.

Ms. Shira Stallworth, “Lavish” educational background is an Associate Degree in Child Development from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Child & Family Studies: Family Relations and a minor in Child Development from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Administration from Walden University, and now is currently working on her Doctorate Degree in Public Administration at Walden University.  Ms. Shira Stallworth is the business owner of “Creative Women Enterprises”.  The business goal is to allow people to train, grow, and educate themselves sufficiently in becoming a successful entrepreneur in the world today.