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about me

Hello, my name is Shira Stallworth, also known as, “Lavish”.  I am success! God has blessed me with wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to create successful programs for individuals that work!  I am multi-talented.  I come from a hard-working family that punched the clock every day to provide a safe home and living environment for my siblings and I.  My family, values, and faith has led to much of my success today and thus far.

I was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  My mother worked as a Registered Nurse for one of the local hospitals and my father was a hard-working forklift driver for a labor company in town.  I’ve always loved helping people, sharing, and caring for those who were less fortunate than I.  Even though I came from a middle class family, I still counted my blessings every single day.  My inspiration came from watching and being nurtured by strong, powerful, Christian women.  Their life left a powerful influence on my life and the person that I have become today.  Because of them, I am Lavish!